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Weigh in: 187.6
Start: 206.6

So... huge mile stone! I'm one pound away from having lost 20% of myself! yay! I gotta say the view from here is nice. I guess though that losing this one last pound will be the big mile stone. I'm interested to see what making a goal weight and rearranging my points values and stuff looks like. Currently, my own personal goal is 150. If i could be 150, I'd be totally thrilled!  But I'm sure how it work when you get to that point.

This week I plan on checking out the Stetson gym and seeing if I can't get a membership there. Well, I know I can I just want to scope out the situation to see if I really want to.  Because in order to look better this body needs to get toned. lol. It's so not toned. Its weird moving into a different phase of WW. I don't know how different it is going from losing some weight to working toward... well, literally a new you. I can't believe I've been on this "program" for 4 months! 

This past month has easily been the hardest. However, I think I'm better for it. I'm really starting to see how to balance food in my world. I hardly have to think about what I'm doing or what i need to eat. I just eat what is best for me! Pretty awesome. 

Sucky part is that I am now on my own in this. My mom has officially quit. Mostly due to the fact that she is so sick. I only hope she'll get back on when she's feeling better. Although, she's one of the ones that WW really is tough for. 

Ok, off to dinner!

Question: how many weeks have you been on?
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